New Safety Measures Introduced

PharmXC was created as an innovative online solution to meet the needs of UK Pharmacies and to provide a solution to the demands of stock shortages, imposed quota systems and unnecessary destruction of surplus stock. This allowed pharmacies and wholesalers to use our site to distribute their surplus stock so it can be made available for other pharmacies and wholesalers to purchase below market value prices. Often, stock was sourced that was short in the market and unavailable from full line wholesalers due to our diverse network of suppliers.


Earlier in the year we had a breach of our Terms & Conditions where one of our users attempted to distribute falsified medicinal product using our online marketplace. This stock did not make it into circulation and was all recovered before it could be distributed to the patient. Due to this breach, we've sat back and looked at our system and introduced several new steps in order to ensure 100% confidence in all stock that you purchase on PharmXC.


Users are now unable to register with PharmXC unless they pass stringent requirements which surpass the requirements deemed necessary by MHRA and GDP guidelines. We have reviewed our entire Quality Management System with Paradigm Shift Consulting to ensure that we are at the forefront of all new regulations and guidelines going forward.


We are constantly improving our system to provide the best platform available for you to trade your surplus stock. Stay tuned for new features!