Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use PharmXC?

PharmXC can be used by any UK Pharmacy registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; plus any UK Wholesaler and manufacturer registered with the MHRA.

How do I sell stock?

Firstly, you will need to get your stock valued using the Value a New Item tool. You can enter a single item or use the Bulk Upload feature to value multiple products at once.  The stock is valued against certain criteria; the condition of the stock (new/damaged), expiry date and whether its UK or PI.  If we have a current price for your product, it will be valued instantly. Some products may not be able to be valued instantly; in these instances PharmXC will e-mail you back with a quote as soon as possible.  You can choose to accept or reject our offer for your product. If accepted, you will be directed to the Current Valuations page.  Here you can view all your items that have been valued, and select the items you are ready to dispatch to PharmXC.  You will be e-mailed with instructions on how to send your package(s) once you confirm the items you are ready to send.

Once we have verified your items, they will become live on our store and available for our registered users to purchase.  The stock is bought by PharmXC once we have found a buyer for your item, until then you are able to recall your items at any time and will be immediately dispatched back to you.

How do I know I'm buying stock from a legitimate source?

All wholesale stock traded on the site is via PharmXC Ltd who is fully licensed and registered with the MHRA (WDL number 42173).  Our registered users are first checked against MHRA registers to ensure they are fully licensed to buy and sell pharmaceutical stock.

All our Pharmacy only users are first checked against RPSGB registers to ensure they are fully licensed to buy and sell pharmaceutical stock.  We also perform ongoing due diligence checks to ensure all our data is as up to date as possible.

Where can I view the items I have live in the Store?

All items live on the site are available to view on the Store.  You can view all the items alphabetically in one list by clicking All. Alternatively you can filter the Store by clicking on a letter to view all items beginning with that letter, or click Latest to view the most recently uploaded items first.

How do I add items to my shopping cart?

If the product is in stock you can see the quantity we have available, simply enter the quantity of stock you require and click add to cart.  You can continue adding products to your cart and can see a full list of products being ordered by clicking on add to cart.  Here you can either proceed with checkout or edit your cart content.

Can I place an order by e-mail or telephone?

You can place an order by phone on 0845 257 2597 but please ensure to state your PharmXC account details and a member of our dedicated customer service team will get back to you with confirmation of your order.

You can also e-mail us on but please ensure to include the same details as above, or alternatively you can use the Store whilst logged into your PharmXC account.

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?

Click view cart to see the full list of items currently in your cart, select the items you wish to remove by clicking the checkbox next to the relevant product and click update cart.  This will remove the items selected and show you an updated total of items remaining.

How do I report discrepancies with my delivery?

All credit requests are handled online, go to your Purchases area and click on Credit Requests.  Here you can view all of your recent orders (Please note that orders will only appear here for 3 days after the date of delivery to allow you to report any discrepancies).  Click into the relevant order and state the reason for the discrepancy. PharmXC will review the credit request and will contact you to resolve the discrepancy.

How do I get paid when my product(s) have been sold?

At the end of the month, you will be e-mailed a summary of all your items sold in that month. From this you can create an invoice to send to PharmXC. Payment will be sent within 30 days. All correspondences to be sent to:

Unit 13
Wulfrun Trading Estate
Stafford Road

For Pharmacy to Pharmacy transactions, it is up to the two businesses to agree Credit Terms before any stock is traded.  PharmXC is not responsible for any missed payments in Pharmacy to Pharmacy transactions.

Can I request an item you don't have listed in the Store?

You can request any items we do not have in stock using the stock request feature. In the top right section of the site, there is a "Search Products" field where you can enter the item you are looking for. Once entered, click search and the product details page will appear on the screen.  Click on Request Stock where you will be directed to a form where you can enter any specific conditions you require of the requested stock. Click on Request to submit these details to us where we will source these items for you.  We will contact you to let you know when we have sourced the items for you.