PharmXC…The journey begins!

£300million of medicine is destroyed every year. Just think of how much we could do with £300million invested back in the Healthcare Sector, and that’s not taking into account the cost involved with the destruction of £300million of medicine. Forget the monetary value, imagine £300million of medicines in a big pile in front of you, how many tonnes of chemical waste is having to be destroyed annually? Suddenly the extent of the problem becomes apparent with the inherent environmental pollution involved in the destruction of the medicines with those chemicals ending up in our air and water supply. Working within the pharmacy sector, I have seen the industry go through several changes. I was fortunate to work in a learning environment where it was encouraged to take a more active role in increasing knowledge about the industry. Throughout the years one thing that struck me was the lack of available options when having items that you are unable to dispense. We had a stock rotation system within the group, however where the usage wasn’t there for a particular item, it would just expire and be destroyed. This was coupled with another issue within Pharmacy of stock shortages. In some scenarios we had requests for stock which some pharmacies were unable to source, which we had available. The concept of PharmXC was developed from this scenario, the idea being if this was an issue that was prevalent within local communities, what is the landscape of this problem on a national scale. We set out to devise a system whereby we could link pharmacies across the UK, and create one national community whereby you could rotate stock, and source stock that isn’t available to your pharmacy. In the months that followed there were many late nights planning and developing this unique system of stock rotation, re-writing our system several times to incorporate legal and practical changes. Finally we had developed an intricate, in-depth online stock rotation system that consolidated all the aspects of pharmaceutical trading regarding purchasing and selling stock whilst staying within legal requirements.