... And We're Live!

After months of testing and tweaking, we believe we're ready to finally launch PharmXC!

Obviously, like all developed projects, this begins the point of maintaining two systems - Production and Development. The Production site is effectively the live site, where all our customers will register and interact, where all our content will be entered and updated. The Development site will be used to fix bugs, implement new features and test certain features and functionality. Thankfully, the whole project has been maintained using a version control method, so the only complication will be moving updated files from Development to Production.

Also, the launch of PharmXC signifies the end of focused development, and the start of sales and marketing, as well as company operations! Our responsibilities will change, where instead of combing the system for bugs or improvements, we're doing our best to get wholesalers and pharmacies signed up to our site and using it!

On to the next step!