New Safety Measures Introduced

PharmXC was created as an innovative online solution to meet the needs of UK Pharmacies and to provide a solution to the demands of stock shortages, imposed quota systems and unnecessary destruction of surplus stock. This allowed pharmacies and wh ... Read more

Investing in 2014

Firstly Happy New Year and we hope you had a great Christmas. We decided to use the Christmas break to give some TLC to the site and have fixed some issues/bugs users were having accessing PharmXC using Internet Explorer. We’ve also rolled o ... Read more

Pharmacy Show 2013

The Pharmacy Show 2013 conveniently took place shortly after we had been approved for our WDL. It was a great opportunity for us to network and introduce our new venture. We got back in touch with some very good old friends and also met some new o ... Read more

... And We're Live!

After months of testing and tweaking, we believe we're ready to finally launch PharmXC!

Obviously, like all developed projects, this begins the point of maintaining two systems - Production and Developmen ... Read more

Theory Into Practise

We had the idea, now it was time to take the theory and turn it into practise. After contemplating where to locate our premises we decided to be in the heart of the country, in the Midlands. We checked out lots of potential units before finally de ... Read more

Better User Experiences

It's all good us building an amazing system that contains the features a customer will need to use in order to allow us to help their business, but it's all irrelevant if the customer has difficulty using the system itself! Read more

Back to the drawing board! System Architecture Part II

And now we come back to the drawing board! It turns out our first system model isn't practical at all, only accommodating for the user to be able to send one item at a time once it's been valued, as well ... Read more

Development begins!

With the System mapped out and the general idea locked down, we can begin development on the system! Development involves structuring the code of the system correctly. This will prove to be more beneficial in th ... Read more

PharmXC…The journey begins!

£300million of medicine is destroyed every year. Just think of how much we could do with £300million invested back in the Healthcare Sector, and that’s not taking into account the cost involved with the destruction of £300m ... Read more