Source Stock In Short Supply

PharmXC understands that many pharmacies are finding it harder and harder to source stock in the UK due to quotas or medicine shortages. Recently, Chemist & Druggist conducted a survey regarding Medicine Shortages and how it affected the patient, and the conclusion was quite alarming.  They discovered that "pharmacies in the UK are wasting a total of 2.5million hours a year" chasing medicines, as a consequence of this more than 700,000 patients could have suffered.

If we don't have your desired item in stock, it can be requested using our Stock Request Tool. All we need to know is the condition and expiry you prefer, the quantity you require and how quickly you need it and we will do the rest.  Where we purchase stock from a network of pharmacies and wholesalers, we are not restricted by quota's imposed by the current UK supply chain model.

You are also able to send us any tender requirements you may have.