Inside PharmXC
How We Work

PharmXC works in many ways so that you, the user, can source medicinal products quickly and simply.

The PharmXC system works as an online marketplace,

  • allowing users with a WDA to list their excess stock for sale so that other users can purchase the items
  • allowing all users to purchase medicinal products easily at discounted prices
  • allowing all users to source stock in short supply
  • and allowing users registered as Pharmacies to list their excess stock for sale to other Pharmacies.

Depending on the type of account you register for at PharmXC, you can take advantage of some of these great and easy to use features, saving you time, and your company money.

PharmXC allows you to broadcast your surplus stock live on the site, making it available for purchase by other registered users.

If you hold a valid Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA) you can list your surplus stock at your desired price. Simply enter your product name, it's physical condition, expiry date and the price you are looking for and your stock will be available to our network of pharmacies and wholesalers. 

At the beginning of each month, you are sent a summary of all your stock which has been sold through PharmXC in the previous month, we will then send payment for your sold stock within 30 days of this statement.

Using our online Pharmaceutical Exchange, PharmXC lists all the stock we have available for purchase in one simple to view Store.

Where stock is being broadcast by other registered users it bypasses the traditional supply chain model, allowing the stock to be listed at greater discounts than from manufacturers or main line wholesalers.  

The listed stock details the condition of the stock, it's expiry, the origin of the item, and the unit price along with the discount off trade price.

PharmXC constantly monitors market prices to ensure you are buying at the lowest possible price.

Stock can be dispatched for next day delivery depending on availability and there is no minimum order value, however, there is a delivery charge of £5.00 for any orders under £100.

PharmXC understands that many pharmacies are finding it harder and harder to source stock in the UK due to quotas or medicine shortages. Recently, Chemist & Druggist conducted a survey regarding Medicine Shortages and how it affected the patient, and the conclusion was quite alarming.  They discovered that "pharmacies in the UK are wasting a total of 2.5million hours a year" chasing medicines, as a consequence of this more than 700,000 patients could have suffered.

If we don't have your desired item in stock, it can be requested using our Stock Request Tool. All we need to know is the condition and expiry you prefer, the quantity you require and how quickly you need it and we will do the rest.  Where we purchase stock from a network of pharmacies and wholesalers, we are not restricted by quota's imposed by the current UK supply chain model.

You are also able to send us any tender requirements you may have.

PharmXC's newest feature allows your Pharmacy to trade it's surplus stock to other Pharmacies without a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA).

PharmXC exists to service the needs of UK patients first and foremost, and we are committed to ensuring UK patients can obtain their medication. We have worked hard to build a system that allows Pharmacies to list their stock at their own prices, making it available for other pharmacies to purchase.

This stock can be traded without a WDA as long as the stock is being used to meet the needs of UK patients, and not for commercial gain.