PharmXC: The Pharmaceutical Exchange

PharmXC is here to help.

PharmXC is a national online marketplace that aims to assist pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers to reduce unnecessary expenditure and increase business profitability.
PharmXC understands that a pharmacist's primary focus and attention should be dealing with the patient's health, but in reality, pharmacists are spending more and more time trying to source stock for their patients. We aim to reduce these wasted hours by providing a simple online marketplace where stock can be sourced at all times.
Whether you are a single pharmacy, a pharmacy with a WDA (Wholesaler Distribution Authorisation) or a wholesaler, PharmXC enables you to broadcast your excess or surplus stock to all other registered users, increasing the chance of recouping money on stock that would have been lost when that stock had expired.
By providing this online marketplace, we can help pharmacies and wholesalers reduce the amount of expired and wasted medication in the UK, resulting in a better economic environment for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a step towards a greener planet.


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