Condition Guidelines

To ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience using PharmXC, you need to give an honest appraisal of your item.  Please see the condition guidelines below.
As New

  • An item which is apparently untouched, the original plastic wrap may be missing but the original packaging is still intact.  There are no signs of wear and tear and all relevant instructions are present.

Shop Wear

  • An item whose packaging is showing signs of wear, the packaging may be creased, or slightly marked.  All relevant instructions are present

Box Damaged

  • An item whose packaging is damaged.  The packaging may be torn, heavily marked and creased or crushed.  Relevant instructions may be missing.

What we will not accept

  • We will not accept any item where the condition of the drug is in question, if the drug appears to be contaminated, or is at risk of having been contamined.  The expiration date and batch of the drug must be visible.